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We are THE dance content creation platform for our Inland Empire Dance Community! Connect and Collaborate with other choreographers to make your dance ideas come to life, audition to star in concept and music videos from our partnered music production studios, and so much more!

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Different Ways to get Involved 
Content Creation
Get seen!
Dancer looking for some reel content? Choreographer looking for dancers?
We make it our goal to first get you ready to be seen (Expert instructors who teach dance foundation vs. JUST choreography) and then to BE SEEN. 
Class Schedule
Get ready!
You should NEVER stop working on your craft. Drop in to take classes from some of your favorite instructors!
Audition Opportunities
 Get high quality concept video production, class performance recording, auditions & introductions to paying industry & Private gigs.
Behind the curtain....
MDP Founder and CEOs
Brenda "Jaye" Armstrong

Founder and Co-CEO
Business Strategist
Brenda “Jaye” Armstrong (@JayeNataj) is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, choreographer and Instructor.
 She has been actively dancing for 15 years, and teaching for 8 for reputable studios such as Arthur Murray and Dance 411 in Atlanta, Georgia.
She is also the director for her dance nonprofit (www.Volunteer2dance.org) where she teaches and provides opportunities to youth in her community. Brenda is deeply passionate for dance and her heart is set towards creating opportunities for artists and instructors to shine and prosper.
Larry "Ruin" Combs
Co- CEO 
Studio and Event Operations Manager 
Larry "Ruin" Combs (@lastofthagreats) is an entrepreneur, instructor and performer in the style of Krumping and brings 18 years of street dance experience to the Mpire team. Ruin has performed on shows such as Americas Got Talent as well as the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). 
He has partnered up with the World of Dance tour to help them create a platform for Krump within the choreo world. He has also brought Krump to 22 different states in the U.S. and has travelled to France, Germany, New Zealand and many other countries overseas to teach Krump workshops and to battle.
Larry organizes and manages all events and workshops for Mpire.

About Us 

Mpire was founded for the main purpose of providing a platform to recognize, connect and cultivate the hard working talent in the Inland Empire!! 

We have so much talent but previously not enough local opportunity. We are uniting the studios, teachers, choreographers and talent to provide Industry quality filming and gig opportunities with our film ready studio design and equipment. We have partnered with our neighboring Music production studios that work with BET, A-List Producers and Artists such as H.E.R the Late Nipsey Hustle (R.I.P) and many more, all looking and ready to source talent directly from Mpire! 

Together we can put the Inland Empire on the map and bring more and more opportunities to home.

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